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Livehorn, Grand Horizon

The model GRAND HORIZON is a timeless sculpture evoking the first gramophones,

it is also an exceptional audiophile system, a synthesis of LIVEHORN, incorporating the best innovative sound reproduction technologies.

Function and form dialogue and find an optimal balance in an assembly of superimposed acoustic horns, dividing up the sound spectrum.

This singular and harmonious geometry, the choice of materials, the rigor of execution, everything contributes to the visual pleasure of these unique objects.

Each component is sized to be able to render with finesse all the nuances of an interpretation, but also to reproduce large differences in dynamics such as those that can be encountered in concert.

The GRAND HORIZON speakers let you relive the sensations of live on all musical styles.

  • Features (per speaker): 

    • Height: 162cm

    • Width: 86cm

    • Depth: 130cm

    • Weight: 150kg

  • Active 4-way loudspeakers with digital phase correction. 

  • Complete system delivered with preamplifier and cables.

  • Link to digital (SPDIF), analog (RCA) or Bluetooth sources.

  • Digital transfer from the preamplifier to the  speakers (no losses over long cable lengths).

  • ​Materials used: oiled solid beech, acrylic resin, oiled tinted MDF, waxed concrete.

  • Customization study on request: materials, audio sources, coordinated hifi furniture, acoustic correction  for adaptation to the room…

Treble 4kHz to 20kHz

  • 1 inch compression chamber, 110dB (1w/m)

  • Diaphragm in Ketone Polymer

  • Neodymium magenetics system 

  • Horn load (D=19cm)

Medium 550Hz to 4kHz

  • 2 inch compression chamber, 112dB (1W/1m)

  • Pure titanium diaphragm

  • Neodymium magnetic system 

  • Horn load (D=58cm)

Bass 90Hz to 550Hz

  • 38 cm cone driver, 101 dB (1W/1m)

  • Ferrite magnetic system

  • Horn load (D=80cm)



  • 5 amplifiers per speaker (850W)

  • Class D technology, ultra low noise and very low distortion

Subwoofer 23Hz to 90Hz

  • 4 loudspeakers with 23 cm cone, 82 dB (1W/1m)

  • Ferrite magnetic system

  • Sealed box

Digital filtering

  • 5 digital filters per speaker (32bit/96kHz)

  • Steep slope filters (order 8)

  • Phase correction (FIR)

  • Accurate speaker time alignment

65 000 €

Price per pair of speakers with preamplifier and cables

Excluding shipping costs and applicable customs duties

Available to order / minimum production time: 4 months

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