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The culmination of several years of research

The design of the loudspeakers is the result of several years of research and development, and each technology, each component has been the subject of a drastic selection in a process of optimizing the final rendering by measurements and listening. . The choice of materials is determined by aesthetic and acoustic criteria. 

Handcrafted production

LIVEHORN speakers are designed, manufactured and assembled in France in Palaiseau, near Paris. The carpentry parts are made by hand, in a small workshop. A constant concern for quality guides each stage of production. Thus, each achievement requires up to four months of craftsmanship.

A story of passion

Following my engineering training, I have been involved in innovation projects on fundamental research themes or for industrial applications, in France and abroad. 

This taste for innovation was also expressed through my passion for high-end audio. Since my teenage years, I have designed and built many audio equipments, always in a quest for the ideal sound. This personal quest has led me to acquire skills in electronics, acoustics and carpentry, and to explore the incomparable sound qualities of acoustic horns.

With this duality in mind, I decided in 2022 to create the company LIVEHORN to concretise a personal project and to offer in original creations a concentrate of know-how acquired over 30 years of passion.


Michel Fesquet
founder of  

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