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An architecture designed for sound performance

By freeing itself from the classic layout of passive speakers, LiveHorn has chosen for Orion and Grand-Horizon a high-performance architecture, designed as a whole, exploiting the capabilities of the most recent technologies. 

The best signal processing processes are used to guarantee restitution that scrupulously conforms to the original signal. Thus, each loudspeaker is rigorously aligned in time, corrected in phase and the response curve of the entire chain is linearized for great neutrality. 

The result is perfect respect for timbres, as well as a palpable, very detailed soundstage where each instrument, each sound appears in its right place, perfectly localized in space, as desired during recording. 

Thanks to LIVEHORN technology, you finally have access to all the richness of your recordings.  

Digital signal transmission from source to speaker makes it possible to limit the losses inherent in analog transmission, and thus to accept greater distances between the components of the system.

Using an amplifier per frequency band allows you to place the amplification as close as possible to each speaker and thus reduce the influence of the analog cable.

The separation of the channels before amplifications allows time-lock the different channels with great precision.

The digital signal processing allows you to correct the response curve on a target curve.

The use ofphase-corrected digital filters makes it possible to eliminate phase rotations due to filters, giving access to great respect for timbres and perfect spatialization.

Measurable performance

Pulse measurements carried out at 1m on axis, on the Orion model in a domestic environment

Filtering architecture of a classic speaker

(without phase correction or delay correction)

LiveHorn architecture

Response measurements carried out at 1m on axis, on the Orion model in a domestic environment. 

Filter adjustment with a downward slope from 3kHz, adjustable according to the listening environment.

Component choices combining performance and reliability

LiveHorn selects its components based on objective performance criteria and quality of production.

Are used among others: 

  • Hypex Ncore class D amplifiers (FusionAmp Modules),

  • French brand speakers Atohm (Sub) and Kartesian (mid and treble),

  • HP wiring cords made of OFC copper and large section,

  • Digital connection cords chosen from professional ranges based on criteria of compliance with impedance and reliability.

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