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Combining acoustic horns with advanced digital technologies, LIVEHORN offers you the best in sound quality


The use of very high efficiency loudspeakers combining loudspeakers and acoustic horns is a technique unanimously recognised for the quality of reproduction it provides. This solution makes it possible to obtain a very dynamic sound that creates the striking sensation of a physical presence. The sound instantly transports you to the heart of the concert hall, and lets you experience the emotions of a live performance.

A singer
and precision

The best signal processing techniques are used to guarantee a reproduction that perfectly matches the original signal. Thus, each loudspeaker is rigorously phased and the response curve of the entire chain is linearized for great neutrality.

The result is a palpable, highly detailed soundstage where each instrument and sound appears in its proper place, perfectly located in space, as intended during recording.

With LIVEHORN's technology, you can finally access the full richness of your recordings.

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