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Three stars aligned for an elegant, high-performance installation

The ORION brings together all of LIVEHORN's expertise in a column format

LiveHorn, Orion
This 3-way / 4-speaker system, with built-in digital phase-correction filtering and multi-amplification, offers breathtaking performance and is extremely easy to operate
  • Active 3-way loudspeakers with digital phase correction. 

  • Complete system delivered with preamplifier and cables.

  • Link to sources in digital (SPDIF), analog (RCA) or Bluetooth.

  • Digital transfer from the preamplifier to the   speakers (no losses over long cable lengths).

  • ​Materials used: oiled solid beech, acrylic resin, oiled tinted MDF, waxed concrete.

  • Customization study on request: materials, audio sources, coordinated hifi furniture, acoustic correction  for adaptation to the room…

Treble 2.3kHz to 20kHz

  • 1 inch compression chamber, 103dB (1w/m)

  • Diaphragm inAnodized magnesium

  • Ferrite magnetic system

  • Horn load (D=19cm)

Mid 180Hz to 2.3kHz

  • 2 loudspeakers with 12 cm cone, 92dB (1W/1m)

  • Neodymium magnet system

  • Sealed box


Bass 23Hz to 180Hz

  • 1 loudspeaker with 23 cm cone, 82 dB (1W/1m)

  • Ferrite magnetic system

  • Sealed box


  • 3 amplifiers per speaker (600W)

  • Class D technology, ultra low noise and very low distortion

Digital filtering

  • 3 digital filters per speaker (32bit/96kHz)

  • Steep slope filters (order 8)

  • Phase correction (FIR)

  • Accurate speaker time alignment

  • Features (per speaker): 

    • Height: 130cm

    • Width: 42cm

    • Depth: 57cm

    • Weight  : 37kg

18 900 €

Price for pair of speakers with preamplifier and cables

Excluding shipping costs and applicable customs duties 

Available to order / minimum production time: 6 weeks

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